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View these important videos by going to the links provided or simply view! Tell your elected officials to view these videos.  If you have seen a video which you would like to have considered for placement in this section, email us with the link.

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1.  Southern California Hit Hard by Foreclosures

60 Mintues: The Mortgage Meltdown!

60 Minutes television show details the trends of the mortgage meltdown.   This is another reason why the federal government will make the Hope for Home Owners Program a program that will be offered in the future. It is my opinion that the banks/investment groups will have no choice but to offer a way to reduce the “equity positions” in people’s homes in the near future.  President Obama and all the other politicians are working to correct the Hope for Home Owners Program to make it more favorable to the investors (those who have equity positions in homes) so that the investors will sign off on the FHA Hope for Home Owners Program loans.

Check out the Mortgage meltdown video sourced by Full Frame Productions


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