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07/30/2008 12:40

President Bush Signs!

  President Bush signed the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.  It is said that over 400,000 homeowner's will be able to take advantage of this bill. Home owners will be able to stay in their homes providing their current lender agrees to the terms of the FHA backed, "Hope...


The HopeforHomeownersProgram.org  was developed to assist home owners in understanding the new Federal sponsored FHA - Hope for Homeowners Program.  This program is offered under the Federal Housing and Economic Recovery Act f 2008.  The information provided on this site is deamed reliable and accurate. The information does change when information changes as provided by FHA/HUD and any other providers deamed reliable.   This site is NOT a FHA/HUD direct site.  It is advised that the site viewer do as much research as possible from this site as well as outside sources to make an informed decision regarding their housing. 


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